Understanding Heroin’s Lethal Grip

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Almost every day another tragic story emerges about a heroin overdose. Obituaries are filled with young people lost to this insidious addiction. Celebrities are found dead with needles next to their arms.

Heroin is lethal. It’s perhaps the most powerful and dangerous drug in the world. Dealers continue to line their pockets, cutting the drug with even more lethal drugs like Fentanyl.

With rehab programs, you’ll discover a support network you never knew existed, plus people who want to help you get clean and stay clean.

Sometimes known by the street names “Smack” or “H,” heroin has been around for centuries. You’ve likely heard of opium dens in the Far East. This is because this opioid is extracted from the seedpod of the Asian opium plant. It’s ingested through many forms, including injection, inhalation, and smoke. No matter how you take it, it’s meant to make you feel good by producing endorphins in your brain. This euphoric feeling is followed by a crash and a need for even more of the drug. This is how addiction starts and why it is so deadly.

It takes courage to end the vice-like grip heroin has on your life. If you’re ready to stop, you need professional help from medical teams who specialize in heroin addiction treatment and recovery. At Rehab-Finder.Org, we will work with you to identify the best treatment center for you. There are many options available, including cognitive-behavior therapies and medicine-assisted treatments (MATs). We’ll help you find the resources to kick this habit and resume with your life.

How Heroin Addiction Starts and Why It’s Hard to Stop Using

As humans, we crave things that make us feel good, like foods or activities that release endorphins or adrenaline. Some people try drugs to get that euphoric feeling, a “high” that quickly comes. The problem with substances like heroin is they mess with the chemical centers in your brain. They fool your body into believing that you must have this drug in order to feel good.

If you’re dependent on this substance to get through the day, you should not feel ashamed to seek help.

This is how they hook you. Dealers know this and they get very rich off it. They convince you that you want to feel good and this is a quick fix to any mental or physical pain you have. It’s a short-lived feeling that ultimately is destroying your body.

Maybe you tried heroin at a party. Maybe you started shooting up because you wanted to dull some pain, physical or mental. The comfort and peace you feel after using is nothing but an illusion. You know that because it takes more and more of this drug to recapture that euphoria. This is how people overdose.

If you’re dependent on this substance to get through the day, you should not feel ashamed to seek help. Addiction is a disease. It impacts your brain’s chemistry so that you believe you need this drug to feel pleasure or reward. Over time, it erodes your memory, how you handle stress, and your learning and decision-making abilities. You might not even recognize the person you were before you started using. The good news is with treatment, we can help you rediscover yourself so that you can lead a satisfying, drug-free life.

Are you ready to kick heroin out of your life? Let’s do this.

What Does Heroin Abuse Look Like?

No matter how hard it might be to kick your heroin habit, you have to do it for your physical and mental wellbeing. Continued heroin abuse has dire consequences that ultimately lead to a lifetime of problems and premature death. Here are some of the very dangerous impacts heroin has on your body:

  • Short-Term Impact: When you use heroin, you feel a rush that creates a warm feeling on your skin. Your legs and arms feel heavy and your mouth will feel dry. You might feel drowsy as well. Heroin use can cause some unpleasant side effects, like nausea, vomiting, and severe itching. Your heart function and respiration may slow, which could put you into a coma and cause permanent brain damage.
  • Long-Term Impact: With long-term heroin use, you develop a tolerance, which means that you need more and more of this drug to get the same high. This puts you at risk for an overdose. Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, muscle spasms and bone pain, sleep disorders such as insomnia, chills, and gastric issues, such as diarrhea.
  • Bodily Damage: Heroin abuse can cause liver and heart diseases, problems with your blood pressure and pulmonary problems, vein collapses (especially at injection sites), and weight loss.
  • Health Risks: If you’re sharing needles with other addicts, you’re likely to contract HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis C, and a host of other blood-related infections.

It’s hard for people who are addicted to heroin to see these risks because many are too preoccupied with scoring their next high. If you’ve reached a point at which all you think about is getting access to this drug, a point at which nothing else matters to you, it’s time to seek help. We’re here to help you get clean.

Do You Recognize Your Heroin Addiction? Are You Ready for Help to Get Clean?

Denying that you have a problem with heroin is a natural reaction. No one likes to admit that they have a problem. However, dismissing your addiction will only lead to greater issues in the long run. It’s dangerous to your well-being and that of those you love to pretend that you can stop whenever you want or that you don’t have an issue.

People who suffer from heroin addiction often try to rationalize their use They even start to avoid other people, even close family members, in order not to have to face their concerns or discuss this problem. Are you pretending all is well when in fact you’re trapped in heroin’s deadly grip? Let us help you get past this and move on to recovery.

Get help beating your heroin addiction

What to Do When a Loved One Has a Heroin Addiction

It’s so heartbreaking when someone you love is suffering from a heroin addiction. You’re probably emotionally and physically drained and unsure where to turn or what to do.

Take a deep breath. The fact that you want to help means the person suffering from addiction already has a support system in place. As for the support and guidance you need, there are professionals at Rehab-Finders.Org who can talk you through the process of getting the best help for your loved one.

Let’s go over a few dos and don’ts that will increase the likelihood of successfully helping your loved one.


  • Learn all that you can about the addiction and what this person may be experiencing.
  • Hold an intervention. Do get ample guidance and support from a professional.
  • Explain to your loved one how his or her addiction is impacting you.
  • During treatment, show your support and learn how to help this person during his or her recovery period.


  • Be judgmental. Addiction is a disease. Shaming someone will not inspire him or her to seek help.
  • Make idle threats. Whatever you do, you need to be able to stand firm with what you say and do.
  • Attempt to intervene or confront this person without professional guidance. You need the proper instruction and support to make sure your intervention is successful.

Now That You’re Ready to Face Your Addiction, Here’s What You Can Expect

Are you ready to fight back for your life and kick your heroin addiction? You should be proud of yourself that you’re ready to regain control of your life. There is no shame to be had in seeking help. It’s a sign that you’re brave and strong, even if you don’t feel that way right now. Most importantly, remember that you’re never alone on this journey. At Rehab-Finder.Org, we have connections to the best rehab centers in the nation and we’re ready to get you the help you need starting NOW. Before long, you’ll be on a path to wellness, with the knowledge and resources to break free from your addiction.

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Overcoming the Objections and Fears That Prevent You from Seeking Help

Maybe you’re thinking about getting help for your heroin addiction, but you think this isn’t the right time. Here’s a little secret: it will never be the right time if you continue to make excuses. You’re always going to have that stressful situation coming up where you need just a little hit to get you through the day. Deep down inside, it’s not that you don’t want to get help, it’s that you are afraid of what might happen. So let’s take those fears and concerns out of the equation. Here are some common worries that might be racing through your head and why you can feel more positive about your experience:

  • It’s hard and painful to withdraw from using heroin: There are physical and mental symptoms that come with withdrawal. This is part of the process of ridding your body of the drug once and for all. You might feel irritable or have physical symptoms like aches or chills or even nausea and vomiting. Fortunately, you’ll be monitored and treated by medical professionals who know how to ease the pain and make you as comfortable as possible during your detoxification process. In fact, we’ll assist you in selecting the right treatment center where you’ll find experts who know how to handle your addiction.
  • I don’t know what to expect when I go to a rehab facility: This is where our team of experts at Rehab-Finder.Org will help guide you through the process. We’ll match you with a treatment facility that is the closest match to your needs and the type of experience you require to get well.

Here are just some of the topics we’ll discuss on your first call:

  • What to expect when you arrive at the center
  • What to anticipate from the detoxification process, including length of time and potential effects
  • What you will be expected to bring and do at the treatment center
  • What types of activities, meals, family visits, and leaves that each center offers

Any question you have regarding this process, we’ll be happy to answer. Our goal is to help you find the best place to seek treatment for your addiction so that you can recover for good.

  • What if I can’t do it?: This is why you need to work with rehabilitation professionals. Kicking heroin is not something you can do alone. You cannot safely go cold turkey or attempt to detox at home. The withdrawal symptoms alone require medical supervision.

Don’t let guilt or a tough-guy mentality prevent you from seeking help. Let’s put this in perspective. You wouldn’t try to treat cancer on your own, would you? Heroin addiction is a disease, just like any others. Let us repeat, there is NO shame in seeking treatment. We don’t judge. We just want you to get well.

With rehab programs, you’ll discover a support network you never knew existed, plus people who want to help you get clean and stay clean. Some of them are former addicts who know what it’s like to go through this experience. They were once in the same hole as you. They found their way out and they’ll show you how you can emerge from your heroin addiction, too.

  • I don’t remember a life before heroin and I’m unsure of what it will be like: Your life is now punctuated by pre-heroin and heroin-use periods. With treatment, you’ll begin a new chapter − one that’s marked with clean, healthy living. You can use this time to reinvent yourself and try new experiences that will add satisfaction to your life. You’ll discover a much more enjoyable world without heroin.

Ask yourself this: if you never tried heroin, what might you be doing today? This is your second chance at life, one in which you can reach for new goals. Maybe you’ll discover a new career or passion. Maybe you’ll go back to school. Focus on how you can accomplish so many things that heroin once stopped you from achieving. In rehab and with aftercare, you’ll meet counselors and others who will provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed.

Treatment and Rehab Options

When you call Rehab-Finders.Org, we’ll help you identify the best treatment program for your heroin addiction. Our network includes several options, including residential treatments, detox support, outpatient options, and more. We’ll connect you with professionals who will customize a treatment program that sets you up for lasting success.

Assistance With Payment Options

In your mind, you’re probably concerned about cost. Our Rehab-Finders.Org experts will help navigate the sea of insurance requirements and other financial issues, as well as finding the right facility within your budget. We do this so that you can focus on getting well. Our services are free of charge to you.

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