Recovery Options in Kansas

Rehab Centers in Kansas for Drug and Alcohol AddictionLooking at different recovery options in Kansas can be overwhelming with all the choices available. How does one know where to start? Privacy is a major concern. Learning how a facility securely manages and protects your information is important. Other options that need to be processed include the types of programs (i.e. inpatient or outpatient), the payment methods accepted (i.e. insurance types), and facility qualifications (i.e. licenses and accreditation). Let’s look more in depth at some of these options.

Duration of the Program

The duration of a program is one of the first options people consider. Length of stay is most relevant when discussing inpatient programs, which is usually what people think about when they first think about recovery. Outpatient options also exist, and these involve treatment with a specific frequency, and over a certain period of time without staying at the facility.

Programs can be short term, lasting 28 days which is fairly standard. Longer inpatient programs can be from 60, 90, to even 120 days long. While longer programs are generally more successful, every individual is different. Talking with a professional can help you determine the length that is appropriate for you.

Paying for Treatment

Paying for you treatment can seem daunting, but keep in mind that this is an investment into your long-term health. Also, facilities accept many different types of insurance, and can work out different payment plans based on needs. There are also government funded options with varying degrees of assistance. Being able to only pay for certain services and not others might be another option to save money.

Licensing and Accreditation

It is beneficial to look into what licenses and accreditations that a particular facility has. Knowing this will help you know whether the facility is following the laws and policies that Kansas has put into place to guide addiction treatment. Some research of the staff can also reveal what certifications and degrees they have earned.

Treatment Methods and Protocols

Make sure to take note of the protocols and program specifics of your facility. No two facilities are exactly the same, with some allowing visitors and others not, and some allowing you to bring certain items, while others do not. Learning about the philosophy of care and treatment methods will give you a better idea of what your stay will be like when you go there.

Specialized Care

As we have already mentioned, rehab facilities are different, and this is especially true with specialized care. Some facilities offer religious or spiritually centered programs, and others do not. Some offer dual diagnosis, caring for both addiction and mental health issues. Some provide very luxurious accommodations alongside the care that is offered.

Concerning Aftercare

Completing the program at the addiction treatment center you have been a part of is only one phase of your rehabilitation. Your aftercare is an important feature to maintaining life long sobriety. Your program might have recommendations of other centers that can help with follow up, as well as provide these services themselves.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions to ask to help narrow down you search:

  • What type of support is available in terms of group counseling, exercise classes, nutrition education, and aftercare plans?
  • Where can I access long-term care or is a short-term program sufficient to care for my needs?
  • Will the facility teach life skills, such as coping mechanisms, to help me manage underlying issues such as anger and sadness?
  • Does this program have a purpose or focus that is greatly different than other ones? What makes this facility unique?

Allow us at Rehab-Finder.Org to help alleviate the stress related to searching for a facility. The road to recovery is available today.

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