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Substance abuse issues affect people of all ages and types, and successful individuals are not immune. In fact, many high-performing athletes and businesspeople lean on drugs as an aide to help them achieve peak performance day after day. However, these drugs can cause problems over a long period of time or lead to more addictive behavior, and eventually it’s time to stop the problem. Other people don’t want to go into a treatment center for fear it will be unpleasant and uncomfortable. For these people, and many others, a luxury treatment and rehabilitation center is the way to go.

One unique advantage offered by luxury facilities is holistic treatment options or mind and body practices.

If the thought of going to a treatment center is agonizing, these luxury options make the treatment as much of a restoring vacation as possible, with the added benefit of getting the individual the treatment they need. Enticements such as white sand beaches, gourmet meals, and daily yoga add to the recovery process and relax the patient.

Even with the possibility of a luxury treatment center offered and the negative ramifications addiction is having on their life, drug and alcohol abusers are often still unwilling to attend treatment. For some, they are nervous about the process of withdrawal, convinced it isn’t possible for them, or that it will be physically and mentally painful. Others are afraid of hospitals and anything that resembles a medical facility is treated with this same fear, even in situations where medical supervision is necessary. Some simply fear leaving home and becoming disconnected with their work and the people they love. While out-patient treatment is an option for some, most medical professionals recommend at least an initial phase of inpatient treatment at the facility of choice.

All these reasons can make going to even a luxury treatment center seem unbearable. However, luxury treatment centers do everything they can to counteract these fears from employing highly qualified and effective staff, to providing luxurious suites, to providing in-house business centers for those who simply can’t leave their work behind.

Luxury treatment centers offer five-star amenities

Treatment Types Offered

  • Substance Abuse: While addiction takes many forms, the most common types that require inpatient treatment stem from some form of substance abuse. Alcohol, recreational drugs, and prescription drugs are the most common forms. These types of substance abuses can cause issues in people’s relationships, work, and more because they put financial and personal strain on individuals and families. While inpatient treatment can seem expensive and extreme, it may be the quickest and easiest way to help the patient detox and keep themselves clean.
  • Alcohol: Drinking is a common part of the business culture in many professions and individuals feel pressured to participate in order to be included or to grow their careers. Luxury treatment centers cater to others with similar problems and can help teach the coping mechanisms needed to handle the common type of situations where drinking is expected.
  • Drugs: Whether a patient is addicted to painkillers that were initially prescribed for an injury or a recreational drug taken for performance enhancement, going to a luxury treatment center can be the first step in getting the drug out of their system and getting their lives under control. While at the facility, individuals learn the best ways to handle the pain and pressure that sent them to the drugs in the first place. They will also be able to detox their bodies while having the support of trained medical professionals who will supervise and encourage.

Extra Benefits at Luxury Treatment Facilities

Going to a luxury treatment facility has all the assets you need to recover plus all the five-star amenities you need to feel comfortable. Depending on the facility, benefits can include:

  • Privacy: Having your own room or suite with a private bathroom means that no one else sees you undergoing the detox and rehabilitation process. Some treatment centers take this even further, providing one-on-one treatment for each patient. While this is often coveted by well-known celebrities, it can also be essential to your treatment by assuring you the privacy and comfort to go through the detox process without onlookers.
  • Beautiful Surroundings: Choose the facility that makes you comfortable, whether you’re a beach person, mountain person, or just love the desert. The landscape will be stunning, the building lovely, and the grounds well-landscaped. Feeling like you’re on a vacation can help you mentally remove yourself from the stress of your life, which triggers your addiction and gives you a space away from the norm to heal.
  • Gyms and Trainers: Exercise is often a major component in treating addiction, so many luxury facilities offer state-of-the-art gyms and personal trainers who can give you the instruction you need to sweat it out and get in shape. They can help you if you’re starting your fitness and personal health journey and give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after you leave the facility.
  • Low Patient/Staff Ratios: From medical staff to massage therapists available at all hours, luxury facilities make sure you have the support personnel you need to address medical conditions or to see to your comfort.
  • Gourmet Meals: Like the five-star resorts they resemble, many luxury rehab facilities employ an executive chef and nutritionist to make sure your meals are as tasty as they are healthy. They can also provide education so that you can continue healthy eating when you return home.
  • Massage: Getting a massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress on your muscles as well as to take a few quiet moments. Having the therapist and room available for patients is a perk of a luxury facility. While perhaps not medically necessary, a good massage can provide a host of benefits to patients who take advantage of this perk.
  • Pools: Swimming is both great exercise and soothing for treatment patients, as is relaxing and detoxing in a hot tub. The water helps relieve stress and can also help muscle rehabilitation. Some physical therapy also takes place in the pool, which provides a low-impact exercise for obese and elderly patients.
  • Acupuncture: For some individuals, acupuncture is an effective therapy that can help with a wide number of ailments. Some luxury treatment facilities offer access to an acupuncturist who can help address your issues.
  • Business Facilities: Businesspeople who cannot truly leave work behind will appreciate the amenities of some facilities which provide access to cell phones and Wi-Fi as well as office basics such as printers, scanners, and video conferencing. These facilities allow professionals to stay connected with the world as necessary while still getting the monitoring, support, and structure needed for effective treatment.
  • Recreation: From cooking classes to long walks on the beach, luxury rehab centers have a variety of activities people can engage in while undergoing treatment. Depending on location, you can find sailing, surfing, fishing, hiking, biking, movies, and much more. These also offer you the chance to see the world in a new way, take your mind off your withdrawal symptoms, and give you an interesting topic of conversation when you don’t want to talk about your recovery progress.
  • Holistic Treatment: There is no one perfect cure for everyone, so treatment centers offer a wide variety of options, including hypnotherapy, physical fitness, occupational therapy, and even equine therapy. These therapies might just be what is needed to get the patient back on track to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

What to Expect While Staying at a Luxury Treatment Facility

Your stay at a luxury facility will probably begin by removing the drugs from your system. Depending on your addiction, this could be quick or could go on for days or weeks. Some addictions can be circumvented naturally by simply stopping the input of drugs and alcohol into your system and letting your body go through its natural withdrawal symptoms. Having doctors on hand to monitor your progress and staff to support you through the withdrawal is key to success and health.

If the thought of going to a treatment center is agonizing, these luxury options make the treatment as much of a restoring vacation as possible, with the added benefit of getting the individual the treatment they need.

For other addictions, detox needs to be medically managed. This means that you take a smaller and smaller amount of the drug, or a less potent version. Advantages of this route are less withdrawal symptoms and an easier overall process, but disadvantages can be the length of time the detox takes. Again, having the medical staff on hand to manage the process ensures a successful detox.

The psychological staff at the facility will also guide you through the process, giving you an insight into what to expect and how to cope with the symptoms of the process. These therapists can also help you start the process of identifying the underlying causes of the addiction and learning new ways to address those issues.

Once the detox process ends, you start treatment to help you stay away from your addiction. This is focused on helping you become healthy physically and mentally, and can cover many different areas depending on your situation.

Physical health means exercise and nutrition, something luxury facilities with their gourmet meals, nutritionists, personal trainers, and beautiful locations are well equipped to provide. You may get the opportunity to learn a new sport or skill to help you focus, or engage in yoga or breathing exercises to help with stress release. Exercise also gives you a chance to learn about the brain’s natural pleasure highs from endorphins.

Mental health can be much more difficult, especially if you’re suffering from a disorder in addition to your addiction. This is where group therapy, individual therapy, and perhaps medication are used to help you get to a healthy place mentally.

Many different psychological treatments are available at luxury rehab facilities including talk therapy, counseling, small groups, and more. This may be coupled with physical therapy or medical intervention as necessary. Having a smaller staff-to-patient ratio means luxury facilities are paying attention to everyone’s needs and making sure they get the best treatment for their issues.

In cases of severe addiction, you may need medication-assisted treatment even after your initial detox period. Staying at a luxury facility during the initial detox as well as when first on medication will allow doctors to monitor your progress and tweak the medication until it works right and the patient is clearly getting better. Learn more about detox

Medical treatment may also be necessary in dual-diagnosis situations where the addiction is coupled with a mental illness or other psychological source. The root cause of the addiction can be identified and properly addressed, away from the stimuli at home that can trigger the problem and the patient can take the time necessary after detox to address each of their issues and learn how to cope with them upon leaving the facility.

One unique advantage offered by luxury facilities is holistic treatment options or mind and body practices. These may or may not be evidence-based therapies but are alternatives many people have found helpful. These can include acupuncture, which is a traditional Chinese medical practice, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, breath work, chiropractic manipulation, massage, meditation, hypnotherapy, equine therapy, reiki, reflexology, and more. They may also include education on improving nutrition to help patients continue their healthy lifestyle and not fall back on addiction behaviors.

Luxury rehab centers offer holistic treatment options

Visit Length

The length of your visit at a luxury treatment facility may or may not be for a set period of time. While you might know how long it will take to detox from the drug, it’s hard to predict how long the initial recovery period will take. Some individuals may not do well with longer stays while others will thrive due to the extra structure. Having this flexibility is important and the staff at the center will work with you to help you know when it’s the right time to leave.

The length of your visit is something you can discuss with your therapist before going to an inpatient treatment facility. The time it takes to do the initial detox will vary depending on the type of substance and the severity of the addiction. The recovery portion of the treatment will vary depending on factors such as your personal home and work situation, whether you can provide the structure you need to support yourself intrinsically or need it provided for you, and many other factors. This can also be an ongoing discussion as your treatment progresses.


When you leave the luxury treatment facility, you aren’t cured, but you will have a plan to help you continue your recovery and prevent relapse. Some individuals participate in self-help sessions such as Alcoholics Anonymous or 12-step programs. Others are given guidance to participate in SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) programs where they check in with groups online, in person, or at their rehab facility. These may be combined with ongoing individual therapy to help address any roadblocks that are encountered over time.

Those treating you both at home and at the treatment facility are committed to helping you find mental and physical health and want to make sure your time at the facility is successful, and that your success continues as you return home. They’ll provide you with guidance and help you find the internal motivation needed to follow the program. Learn more about aftercare.

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Take Insurance?

Insurance is a complex system and determining coverage and the extent of that coverage is important if you’re expecting insurance to pay for your treatment. With complex and changing insurance regulations, some rehab centers accept insurance while others do not. Call today for help in assessing whether your insurance will cover all or a portion of your stay at a luxury treatment and rehabilitation center.

At Rehab-Finder.Org, we want to make sure you find the treatment center that will give you all the services you need and make a successful recovery. We can help you talk through the different options and amenities, listen to your preferences, understand what your insurance will cover and what your financial situation allows, and show you treatment options that will work for your personality, situation, and lifestyle.

Give us a call today and discover the opportunities that await at you at luxury rehabilitation centers. Recover from your addiction in comfort and peace. Call 877-251-4813 today for more information.

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