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Rehab Centers in Mississippi for Drug and Alcohol AddictionWhen it comes to recovery services, no one size fits all. Many facilities combine different services and treatment models to create the program that they deem right for a patient. Here are four general levels of service:

  • Detox & Stabilization: This service is where a doctor and medical staff work to remove the harmful chemicals from a patient’s body. Helping the patient deal with withdrawal symptoms, managing pain, and keeping a patient from having long term health or fatal results from occurring are all goals
  • Outpatient Programs: When describing outpatient programs, it can be easiest to relate them to inpatient programs. Unlike their inpatient counterparts, outpatient programs do not require a person to stay overnight. Treatment is given at a certain frequency during the week, lasting at least a few weeks. The treatment can involve relapse prevention, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, or skills training.
  • Partial Programs: Partial programs are in between outpatient and inpatient care in regards to the involvement required. They require a greater amount of time involved, yet still do not require overnight stay.
  • Inpatient Residential: Residential inpatient treatment, as stated earlier, is where a patient stays overnight, and is generally the most successful of the treatments. The fact that this is the most involved and focused of the programs certainly contributes to its success. Patient may live at the location for a few weeks up to a few months, depending on the program.

Questions Related to Recovery

In the search for recovery, we recognize that certain questions need to be answered by all those looking for help. While the list given below is not extensive, it will certainly be helpful in beginning the process to narrow down the facility that works best for you.

  • Is the facility accredited by a nationally recognized group such as National Committee for Quality Assurance, the All-States, and The Joint Commission
  • What evidence validates the treatment methods used at the facility in question? Studies are available that can be researched to answer this question.
  • Gender specific programs have, at times, been proven to be the most effective. Will this be an option at the addiction treatment center you will attend?
  • Does the facility offer help to the other members of the family? Some programs are available to help children and other family members heal from the destruction dependency can cause one of their relations.
  • Will the program assist in aftercare in any way? This can include services such as offering group meetings or referrals to other facilities.

While addiction is destructive to an individual, a family, and society, help is available. Certainly, a person should not, and does not have to seek healing on their own. We are Rehab-Finder.Org would love to connect you with a facility that has the program uniquely tailored to your needs and person. The road to recovery starts today.

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