What You Need to Know About Recovery in Montana

Rehab Centers in Montana for Drug and Alcohol AddictionWhile finding a treatment center in Montana can seem complicated, we at Rehab-Finder.Org are here to help. Researching the ins and outs of the options available to you is a good place to start. Looking at whether a program is short term or longer term, whether outpatient or inpatient, and whether they accept a particular insurance or government funding are all a part of what this type of research will reveal.

One import item to consider is how your private information is handled. Being aware of the policies and laws that are in place to protect your information from getting into the wrong hands can help you determine how qualified the facility is in this area.

Duration of Care

The extent of the program you join, also known as the duration of care, is a valuable piece of information to consider. Most residential centers have short term, 28 day programs. Those who participate in short term programs generally are benefited by following up this program with intensive outpatient centers, where continued care can be given.

Longer programs are also available, and these can last from a couple months to four months in some cases. Participating in longer programs has been seen as the most successful form of rehab, though finding the right program for you depends on other factors, and can be best discovered talking to a professional.

Concerns About Cost

When looking at the cost of a particular program, understand that there are multiple ways to pay for programs depending on what is available at each facility. Most accept insurance, and most can accept a variety of insurances. There are also public funding programs. Paying out-of-pocket can give you access to discounts, and potentially the ability to opt out of certain services to save money.

Licensing and Accreditation

Knowing the licenses and accreditations of the staff and facility can bring you the peace of mind that you are receiving quality care. Looking at the company’s website, as well as the websites of the different licensing and accreditation bodies, can usually supply this information.

Treatment Methods and Protocols

The details of the program, the policies and procedures, as well as the activities and treatment methods used is valuable information to determine what you will experience. Many facilities, for example, offer treatment based on the 12-step model.

What About Aftercare?

Prior to being discharged from the program, it is important for you to have a plan for aftercare. Look into whether the facility that provides your initial program will provide any aftercare support, or if you will have to connect with another facility to experience this.

Questions to Ask

In summary, it's important to ask yourself several questions when narrowing down your choices for recovery.

  • What duration will best suit my needs? Will it be short-term or long-term care?
  • What goal is this particular program aiming for?
  • Will nutrition education, exercise classes, group counseling, and other types of support be offered?
  • How will I learn healthy coping mechanisms and life skills? Look for facilities that can provide help with both the physical and mental effects of addiction.

Know that hope and recovery are available and that Rehab-Finder.Org is more than happy to help you find the facility, program, and treatment that will lead to a fulfilling life of sobriety.

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