Knowing Treatment Options in New Jersey

Rehab Centers in New Jersey for Drug and Alcohol AddictionA variety of options exist for treatment in New Jersey. It can be a little daunting looking at the different services and programs available, but fortunately with some research one can be caught up to speed.

How to Select the Best Facility

Selecting a facility involves breaking down the different options each facility offers. While no two facilities are exactly the same, certain features fall under shared categories. These include questions of duration of care, cost of care, location of the facility, payment methods accepted, treatment models, skills taught, and what plans will be made for aftercare.

What Is the Duration of the Recovery Process?

While there is no standard answer to how long one’s recovery will take, the duration of programs falls into two major categories. Some are considered short-term, usually lasting a few weeks. These can be both outpatient programs, where patient’s do not live on site, as well as inpatient resident programs. Long term programs also exist, and can be as long as 120 days, possibly longer.

Understanding Cost and Insurance Coverage

Contacting a facility directly usually can answer the question of whether your insurance can cover the cost of a program, though you can also receive details concerning your coverage by contacting your insurance directly. For programs not covered by your insurance, there are a variety of other options of payment, depending on the facility. These can include private pay, payment plans, and government assistance.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

It is important to list the features and issues that are most important to you, and compare those to what is offered through the facilities towards which you are looking. We have compiled a list of some points to help you on your way:

  • Location: Determining how far your treatment will be from your current living situation is an important item to consider. Many people feel that removing themselves completely from their current life would be best. Others agree with this idea, but are unable to do so. With this question, one should think about how involved one wants family and friends to be in one’s care.
  • Cost: If your program is not covered by your insurance, would you be willing to consider other programs or facilities?
  • Program: Different treatment models exist, and a very popular one is the standard 12-step method. This approach incorporates sponsored support as well having a religious and/or spiritual element. Other models exist, if you are not interested in a program of this type.
  • Duration: Your recovery process is going to take years, despite the duration of the program in which you are enrolled. With this in mind, you should make plans for your aftercare. Look into whether the program you will join can help with this, or if you will need to connect with another facility afterwards.

Are You Ready?

Fortunately, you do not have to face your recovery, or your decision of picking a facility alone. We at Rehab-Finder.Org are here to help. Remember that the road to recovery has no better starting date than today.

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