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Rehab Centers in North Carolina for Drug and Alcohol AddictionLooking for an addiction recovery center is a journey that presents its own sort of challenges, an obvious one being the multiple options to sort through. Fortunately, we at Rehab-Finder are excited to lend a helping hand in connecting you with a program right for you. Every facility is unique and each person’s struggle has unique underlying issues. Let us help you discover the facility that works right for you.

Inpatient Residential Facilities

The most known and popular rehab program, the one everyone thinks of when it comes to addiction treatment, is the inpatient program. Inpatient programs can run for at least 28 days though they can also be quite longer. Set in remote locations, they provide a secluded and calming place to pursue recovery. The distance from distractions and temptation aids in the affect that these facilities have.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Many times people are unable to go away for a significant amount of time to receive the healing they need. Thankfully outpatient options exist where patients can stay near their home and jobs, since they do not require overnight stays as required at inpatient residential facilities. Patients work with addiction professionals several times a week allowing for ongoing care.

Behavioral Therapy Options

Behavioral therapy, including therapeutic discussion, has been found to be very effective. This therapy allows patients to work through the underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, as well as the past issues that may have contributed, such as childhood trauma and family dysfunction. Experts suggest behavioral therapy is most effective after individuals have gone through more intensive treatment programs. For many, this therapy becomes part of the long-term support and healing process.

Questions That Need Answers

While recovery can be a long and challenging endeavor, it is also very rewarding. Consider some of the questions below as you research the correct program for you:

  • What goal is your program setting out to achieve?
  • Of the treatment models out there (i.e. motivational enhancement therapy, a Hazelden approach, ect…), which one does this program subscribe to?
  • Are services such as supervised detox and paint management offered? What other services will be a part of this program?
  • Is there a waiting list to get in and how long is it?
  • Does the staff have the licenses and certifications for the services offered, and if so what are they?
  • How long should I be enrolled in inpatient treatment?
  • What options for payment are there and do you take my insurance?
  • Are additional life skills, such as job training and fitness education provided
  • Will visitors be allowed, and can they participate in certain activities with me
  • Do you offer religious or spiritually focused treatment? Will I be able to contact my own spiritual provider while I am there?
  • How many, and which activities are required for completion of this program
  • What resources and support do you provide for aftercare? Will I be given referrals for continued care after my stay at your facility?

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