Considering North Dakota Treatment Centers

Rehab Centers in North Dakota for Drug and Alcohol AddictionTreatment for those with substance use disorder is unique to every individual, and may not involve the typical 30-day inpatient option, which is what most people think of when they consider rehab. Treatment can be thought of on a continuum, which generally has four levels:

  • Detox and Stabilization: Detox is a critical first step for recovery, and must be completed under the close watch of a qualified medical professional. This process removes harmful chemicals from the body. Medications are offered to help withdrawal symptoms that, in certain case, are not only painful but fatal.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs: Unlike inpatient programs, which require overnight stay, outpatient programs allow people to stay in their own living situation. These programs offer at least an hour of treatment, a few times a week. Treatment offered can include group therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, skills training, relapse prevention, or motivational enhancement therapy.
  • Partial Programs: While not as involved as inpatient treatment, partial programs are typically more involved than outpatient programs. Typically, patients come in five days a week, for about half day sessions. This provides daily support for those who cannot attend an inpatient program, for whatever reason.
  • Inpatient Residential Options: With these type of programs, individuals stay on site for a few weeks or up to several months, depending on the program and facility. Many of these programs offer dual diagnosis to help with mental health issues, since 50 percent of individuals suffering from substance use disorder also suffer from mental health conditions.

Recovery-Related Questions That Need Answers

We have provided a guide with some of the most commonly asked questions, to help your research for the correct facility and program tailored to your needs:

  • Does the facility have the appropriate licenses and accreditations for the care that is offered? Accreditation groups that are nationally recognized include the All-States, The Joint Commission, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
  • What credentials do the staff have?
  • Is treatment that is gender-specific available? Since there is research that suggests men and women experience recovery differently, this might be a good option to look into.
  • Are the programs offered holistic? Do they offer support for psychological, medical, spiritual, social, and general wellness concerns? A well-rounded care can help individuals themselves become more well-rounded.
  • Does the environment feel comfortable and safe? Does it support respectful and non-judgmental care?
  • Does the program provide resources and support for aftercare, after a person has completed and been discharged from the initial program? Many times, aftercare includes 12-step programs, sponsors, alumni meetings, and opportunities for ongoing learning.

As with any health condition, the right attention and expertise can be used to bring health to the individual. Choosing a facility and program does not have to be something that you do alone. We at Rehab-Finder.Org are happy to connect you with the recovery center that will lead to a sober and healthy life.

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