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Rehab Centers in Ohio for Drug and Alcohol AddictionAddiction treatment facilities can vary in the features and services that they offer, but they all work towards a goal of helping an individual overcome substance use disorder. Working through the different types of facilities that exist does not have to seem like an impossible task. When considering the features of a facility or center, there are certain main features that you will want to look into.

The Duration of the Program

One of the main questions related to rehab has to do with the length of the program, and this is related to the question of how long will one’s recovery last. There are no standard answers to either question, but it is important to know that they process will not be a short one, whether a person signs up for what is known as a short-term program (around 3 weeks long), or a long term program (from 60 to 120 days or longer).

Understanding Cost and Insurance Coverage

Another prominent question that comes up in this process is how much a program cost, and how one will be able to pay for the program. It is helpful to know that there are many options, and these can vary by facility. Many facilities take a variety of insurance coverage, and some are government funded. Others provide sliding scales, and the ability to opt out of certain services if a person has to pay out of pocket.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

It is important to list what features matter to you, and what features you are willing to compromise on. As you look at different facilities, consider the following points as well:

  • Location: Is it important for you to stay far away from your current life, including you family and friends while you recover, or would you prefer to not travel? Will you desire visitors, or will the familiar people in your life interrupt your recovery in some way?
  • Cost: Are you prepared to fund your own treatment, if your first-pick-program is not covered by your insurance, or would you be willing to attend a different program that would be easier to deal with financially?
  • Program: When looking at different programs it is good to note the treatment models that they use. We even recommend doing some deeper research into what these treatment models entail. For example, the 12-step method, originally from Alcoholics Anonymous, is a very popular treatment model, and with some research on finds that it is religiously or spiritually centered.
  • Duration: Your recovery is not a short journey, and does not end when you are discharged from a program. It is so important that plans are made for aftercare, and you should look into what aftercare is available from the program you join. Will they offer support and resources? If not, will they provide references from additional facilities that can help.

Fighting addiction is not an easy task, but it should not be one you must tackle alone. Besides the help you will receive from the appropriate facility and program, we at Rehab-Finder.Org would love to connect you with the right facility for your needs and preferences.

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