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Rehab Centers in South Carolina for Drug and Alcohol AddictionIn South Carolina, there exist many different options for addiction treatment, at the different facilities that are available. Finding an addiction treatment center is important, but can feel daunting for a couple reasons. On the one hand, you might feel intimidated by a lack of information, by not knowing how facilities operate or provide their services. On the other hand, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there. Allow us to help clarify the information that is out there, and find you on the right road to recovery.

How to Select the Best Facility

Finding the right facility for you, first means understanding the different programs that exist. While we usually think about residential inpatient care, detox centers and intensive outpatient programs also exist, though the question of what one might do could involve using multiple programs. One of the first issues to consider when looking at programs has to do with their length of care.

What Is the Duration of the Recovery Process?

While everyone’s recovery process will differ in length, it usually is not a short process. Considering this issue is slightly different than considering how long the program you should join is. Some people simply need to join a short-term program to help them heal, and have the resources to live independent of the substances they are using. Other people need to join longer term care, which generally has a higher success rate. Short-term programs are around 30 days long, and long-term programs can be up to 120 days long or longer.

Understanding Cost and Insurance Coverage

Another key issue that people must understand, and decide on is picking a program that is financially doable. Fortunately, a lot of different options exist to have your treatment paid for, though not every facility has every option. Many facilities take most kinds of insurance, and most take some form of private pay. Some facilities are government funded. For those who have to pay out of pocket, paying on a sliding scale, or being able to opt out of certain services to save costs, could be options.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

There can be a lot to think about when it comes to addiction treatment. We have added some additional questions, to help you narrow down the options you are presented with, and make the best choice.

  • Location: When considering location, the distance from your home becomes a factor. How far would you like to be from your current life? Would you like to have visitors? Is it important to have current friends and family involved with your recovery?
  • Cost: How flexible are you concerning the program you desire to join? In case it is not covered by your insurance, are you willing to look for another program, or will you be able to fund the treatment on your own?
  • Program: The 12-step model is used by many treatment facilities, and has proven to be very successful at times. It is religiously or at least spiritually based, and if that is an issue, there are programs that do not use it.
  • Duration: As stated earlier, recovery is a process that continues past the time a program discharges you. Planning for your aftercare is important. You should look into whether the program you will join will provide you resources in this area, or at least referrals to other facilities that can support you in this.

Addiction does not have to be something you tackle alone, and finding the right facility for you is not something you need to tackle alone either. We at Rehab-Finder.Org would love to connect you with the addiction treatment center that will lead you on that road to recovery.

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