Substance-Abuse Coverage With Aetna

Aetna Insurance Company has been in action since 1853. The agency’s first president, Eliphalet A. Bulkeley, had a vision to sell high-value life insurance policies. In accordance with its namesake (Sicily’s Mt. Etna is Europe’s most active volcano), the company has grown explosively over the years. It now offers a wide range of plans and coverage options, including plenty of choices for substance-abuse recovery.

Aetna and the Price of Care

It isn’t easy to find the right drug and alcohol treatment facility. Whether you’re searching on behalf of yourself or a loved one, you must understand all the Aetna insurance specifications to determine which programs will accept payment. You’ll need to ask:

  • Does the insurance plan cover substance abuse treatment?
  • Which treatment facilities will accept the insurance?
  • How many inpatient days are covered by the policy?
  • What other service will the insurance cover?

We have good news. Many of Aetna’s individual and group health insurance policies do offer some degree of substance-abuse coverage. Aetna offers such assistance in most states, so it’s really a matter of finding the highest quality of care with the most possible coverage. This way, you receive the treatment you need with minimal out-of-pocket expense. Rehab-Finder.Org is here to help you navigate these muddy waters.

You can either complete our verification form or call us at 877-251-4813for assistance. We’ll comb the fine print of your policy and follow up with the best options for detox and rehab.

Drug Profiles

Learn more about the symptoms, risks, and treatment methods of specific drugs:

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