How AmeriHealth Helps Combat Drug and Alcohol Dependency

Addiction is a serious illness, and AmeriHealth treats it as such. Fighting it is an uphill battle, and finding the best resources to treat it only makes life more challenging. Fortunately, most insurance providers offer plans that cover essential recovery programs. When you find the option that ideally suits you, you will be prepared to put your addiction into remission.

We know that every person is unique. That means your addiction and your needs are unique as well. We keep these points in mind as we match you with an appropriate treatment facility. Contact us at 877-251-4813, and we’ll take the stress out of your search for treatment.

AmeriHealth and the Cost of Recovery

Of course, we also know that stress is associated with the costs linked with treatment. Whether you opt for an inpatient or an outpatient program, we seek the best care at the lowest possible expense to you. When it comes to substance-abuse coverage, AmeriHealth happens to be a top provider in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This service typically even covers prescription costs as well as services for those who are dually diagnosed with addiction and mental illness.

With AmeriHealth, you have HMO and PPO options. Each plan offers a different premium and deductible, and likely covers 100 percent of outpatient services. Various factors – such as location and provider – apply.

Call us today at 877-251-4813 to learn more about recovery options with AmeriHealth.

Drug Profiles

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