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HAP’s founding mission was to ensure that quality healthcare was accessible and affordable to people regardless of income. The company’s success made a massive jump in 1976, by attaining licensure as a Michigan HMO. Within the next few years, the Ford Motor Company funded a study to determine how HAP could improve even more. The results included alternatives to conventional healthcare, as well as decreased out-of-pocket and premium costs.

HAP continued to expand over the next several decades, introducing ambulatory centers, community hospitals, physician networks, life insurance policies, and senior services to its offering. The company has a product line and flexible payment programs as well. These enhancements remain firmly in place today – more than 60 years after it all began.

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What Recovery Programs Does HAP Cover?

Over the years, HAP has capitalized on its strengths and become one of Michigan’s most prominent health insurers. We’re confident that the detox and rehab options your policy covers will enhance your health and well-being.

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