Using Insurance to Attend a Rehab Center

Some insurance policies cover the costs to attend an inpatient treatment and rehabilitation center to get the medical and psychological services you need. Rehab-Finder.Org can help review your insurance benefits and let you know what types and amount of services your insurance will cover. You’ll know exactly what to expect going into treatment and can choose a treatment center that is within your budget but still provides you the help you need.

While not all insurance will cover rehab, many will cover a portion of your costs and treatment. It is often a cheaper option for insurance companies to have you go to a treatment program and get rid of your addiction rather than have you go to the hospital for an overdose or addiction-related medical emergency, so you may be surprised at what your insurance will cover.

With all the stress of being treated for an addiction, the last thing you want to worry about is your budget or having unexpected costs. Let us help you find the center that’s in your budget or covered by your insurance and that will put you on the path to recovery and long term health.

Find out if your insurance covers your rehab treatment. Contact us today at 877-251-4813 to learn more about rehab options and see what’s right for you.

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