Counseling Sessions for Families Dealing With Addiction

For individuals going through treatment for addiction, there are many aspects that need to be covered for the treatment to be successful. Those with families may need to go through family therapy so that everyone in the household understands how to help the individual who is receiving the treatment. Family therapy also teaches the family unit how to support the recovering addict in the future, and also addresses underlying problems that may have led to the addiction. Often, the addiction is triggered and supported, even unknowingly, by the behavior of various people in someone’s family. In those situations, treatment will not be successful unless these issues are addressed and effective methods for handling recurring problems are used. For family members, this is a wonderful way to help your loved one be successful in their healing.

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Long-Distance Therapy

Family therapy is useful for helping family members understand each other’s feelings and what each party needs from the relationship. For family members that are too far away to drive to therapy sessions, facilities offer the ability to join electronically through the phone or a video call. With the availability of communications technology, there’s no reason you can’t participate. Having every necessary family member be a part of the conversation means that therapy sessions are more likely to be productive and successful, which in turn allows the right interventions to be put in place to help the entire family in the future. While it may mean you can’t reach across the sofa and give a hug when needed, being there electronically can still be a huge emotional support for those who are undergoing treatment. They’ll know their family has their back, even when they’re far away.

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Help With Emotions

One major advantage of going into formal therapy is the assistance of a trained counselor to guide the discussions. While these sessions can still be difficult emotionally, they may be what is needed to help the addicted individual heal and get help from their loved ones. When a family comes together to offer their support, a much better chance for healing exists.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy can provide significant benefits to help someone struggling with addiction on their road to healing. These benefits vary depending on the individual situation, but include:

  • Awareness: Therapy can help both the individual receiving treatment and the family members understand their emotional needs and how their behaviors affect others. This in turn helps family members understand how they are enabling each other and provide interventions instead to remove negative behaviors and co-dependencies.
  • Communication: Therapy sets patterns for productive communication to help address issues in the future. These communication patterns not only help the individual receiving treatment, but also keeps abuse from spreading within the family.
  • Positivity: Successful therapy can help boost the mental state of the entire family by focusing on the family’s ability to address problems and solve them as a unit while providing care to each individual.

A family therapist will help the entire family design rules and engage in positive dialogue that helps solve problems, work with each member of the family to help them feel motivated to make the necessary changes, and keep the entire group accountable for success.

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